Alberto Rizzo Schettino is a pianist, synth geek and sound engineer. Since 2007 he's also one of the masterminds behind Fuseroom Recording Studio, one of the most up-and-coming studios in Berlin, Germany.


Mixing, Digital and Analog Mastering, Sound Synthesis, Recording, Modular Synthesizer, FM Modulation, EQ and Dynamics, Automation, Stems, Effects, Mix Buss Processing, Gain Staging, Loudness, Formats, Signal Path and Routing


Advanced knowledge in music production


PC or Mac, Skype, Microsoft Office, DAW (Cubase, Pro Tools)


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Best Pianist/Keyboardist 2005 at Hollywood's Musicians Institute, Alberto joined productions in the progressive rock scene (Derek Sherinian, Planet X, TJ Helmerich) right after graduation, worked as assistant in sessions at the iconic Cello Studios, prepped music for some of the best musicians in the LA jazz scene and even landed a gig with pop star Joss Stone.

After honours on jazz piano performance with Berklee College of Music. Alberto opened Fuseroom Recording Studio in 2007 as a place to teach, produce and work on his music.

In the years Alberto has worked for artists and bands like Roger Burn (Chaka Khan, The Mask, Saturday Night Live), Shapes, David White (Mad Max: Fury Road), Anna Oxa, Marco Masini, Derek Sherinian, Planet X, Garsed/Helmerich, Morgan Heritage and more, while also working with leading brands in the gaming industry such as Riot Games (League of Legends), Bohemia Interactive (ArmA), Blizzard Entertainment (Overwatch) and aviation technology giants such as Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways.

Alberto also works as a product specialist for companies like Dangerous Music, Universal Audio, Wholegrain Software, Lauten Audio and since 2014 is a chief beta tester at Focal while being one of the brilliant minds behind the success of pureMix Audio Tutorials, since 2013.


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Learn what it takes to transform a great recording into a fantastic mix. Give power and energy to

drums and percussion, build a wall of sound with electric guitars, make the bass powerful and

consistent to drive the track, give keyboards and synths weight, width and depth, transform any

lead vocal track into the true star of the show, while background vocals make them twice as

emotional and musical.

Learn the techniques, methods and tricks used in legendary records from the past and also find

out how to recreate the approach of a professional old-school studio into any DAW, with or

without analog outboard.

You will learn:
- Signal Path and Routing

- Gain Staging

- EQ and Dynamics

- Effects

- Mix Buss Processing

- Automation

- Stemming and fine-tuning

After this course you will never have trouble tuning your perfect snare, getting solid kick drums,

energic guitars, lead vocals that sound professional and sit perfectly in the mix.. and more! You

will be able to take what you learn and adapt it to any situation: from a full In-The-Box mix to a

full, fledged old-school recording studio: you will never feel lost again to bring the sound in your

head, effortlessly in your mix!


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Making music these days has become a matter of taking your project from start to end, without

compromise and with effortless confidence. Even the final, crucial phase of mastering is often

left to the producer itself as more and more artists and labels request that it is performed

in-house by the same team. For this reason it is incredibly important for anyone to be versatile

in this field.

Mastering can make all the difference in taking a fantastic mix to be the legendary hit that many

people will listen to anywhere, even decades from now. Learn what it means to be a mastering

engineer and how to effectively contribute to the finalization of a song.

You will learn:

- Signal Path and Routing

- The importance of critical listening

- Digital Processing for Mastering

- Analog Processing for Mastering

- Loudness normalization and delivery targets

- Mastering for Compact Disc, Digital Distribution and Vinyl

- Achieving a loud master vs a dynamic one

- Delivery formats

- DDP creation

Whether you are going to work with a mastering engineer or by yourself, this course will give

you the final answer to approach mastering in a professional, recognized and methodical way

that aims to preserve the musical vision of the mix while at the same time making sure that the

song translates through any speaker, headphone and delivery format in the intended way.

Sound Synthesis

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There's no world in music production as wide, diverse and evocative as the one painted by the

sound of a synthesizer. This course will guide you to expand your musical vocabulary and sonic

palette by exploring the various elements that make a synthesizer the wonderful tone machine

we all came to love since its invention.

You will learn:

- Common types of synthesis

- Oscillators

- Filters

- Envelopes

- Special functions and more elaborate components

- Subtractive synthesis

- Additive synthesis

- FM synthesis

- Granular synthesis

- Structure and sound of famous synthesizers

- How to recreate a synth sound by ear

- Modular synthesis

Whether you work strictly with electronic music or you are looking for a way to give your music a

special sound, there is nothing a synthesizer cannot achieve given the right amount of

knowledge and expertise. This course will give you the ability to hear a sound (both in a record

or in your head!) and know immediately what to do to create it on your favorite synth.