You do Art.
We do the rest.

We support you the whole way through. We take care of you, so you can take care of your music. We arrange contracts, bookings, interviews, radio shows... and always look for the best placement of your act. 
Mutual trust is the basis of our success.

Artist Development

You are an artist or want to become one? But you don‘t know how? We help you get your career started. We create and shape your profile, together we develop your brand identity that makes you unique and recognisable.​

Artist Management

We are more than an bunch of experts. We are clever minds working together as friends. Together with you we put our energy and passion into your entity and your success. That is what characterices us. Our artist managers have excellent connections within the music industry and stick with you holding your hand on the way to the top.

Artist Booking

As an artist you will want to ... play LIVE!

We take care of the booking for up and coming artists, we find cool locations for live gigs, get on the right events and festivals, we plan the tours. Our experienced bookers have sent DJs and live acts around the globe.

Artist Coaching

We all have our strengths. We are here to boost yours and push your musical career to the top. This is why we started the ACADEMY with a supreme offer of creative, technical and business-related coaching and consulting sessions. Check it out.

You're an artist and want to get in touch? 
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