Content is King.

We produce content in text, image and sound. No matter what, the storytelling is always our priority number one. We care about creating good and holistic stories, in regards of content as well as of presentation. Because only a good story can catch, inspire and have a lasting impact. 

Our Services.


​People love good stories. Therefore it's important to create an interesting and concise storyline when developing an artist. The better the contents overlap, the stronger is an artist profile or brand.


We are pros in the fields of brand and product development. We set up brand and marketing strategies that ensure that you stand out from the crowd of competitors. Of course, we take all possible touchpoints into consideration.

Crossmedia Design

We design. Analogue as well as digital. Print as well as websites, classic as well as mobile-first. We develop social media plans and supervise or carry out their implementation.​

Art Direction

In order for a harmonious and unique brand look, our art directors work out a holistic and taylored concept. Our interdisciplinary expertises reach from graphic and digital to experience and stage design. ...

Music & Video Production

We produce music and videos for artists and companies. Our network of professional musicians, producers and directors from different genres stands for highest quality.  


It‘s extremely important to have a unique look, when you want to work in show business. Our artist consultants and managers give you the right input, so your shooting becomes a success. If you wish, we do this together and we take care of the organsation and planning.

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