Danny has played about 1000 gigs as a DJ and has been resident in well-known clubs. He graduates from the UAL London in M.A. Graphic Design. At the moment he is in demand as an agency manager for large agencies at home and abroad.


Art Direction, Creative Direction, DJing Vinyl, Music Production Basic, Media Design, Conceptional Thinking, Crossmedia Design, Spatial Design


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Danny deals with the activation of brands in the disciplines of events, motion design and experience design. The results are successful and award-winning experience worlds, events, shops and showrooms, corporate buildings, exhibitions, museums and cross-over activities for companies and organizations of all sizes and industries. He has taught media design at universities for 6 years and is a mentor at the renowned University of the Arts in London.  

Art & Creative Direction

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In this section we will specifically address your questions and goals to make you even more successful as an artist. A clear and unambiguous visual language must fit your music style and your personality. Together we will develop your brand identity for all touchpoints - a world that perfectly suits you as an artist and that sets you apart from the rest. Let's get ready for success!  

Music Production

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As a DJ you want to dive into the world of producers yourself. No problem. We will find the right equipment and DAW for you, clarify basic knowledge in music production and find the perfect genre for you. If you are still interested and have made progress after the Basic Coaching, our Pro Coaches will take you to the next level.



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