All about music.

Founded in 2006 by Maurizio Patti & Danny C. Tone, driven by the idea of providing a music label for young and unknown talents dedicated to the love of house music, BIG MAMAS HOUSE Records is now home to over 2000 artists worldwide. And no end is yet to come.
We make your tracks sound right and get them released too. We offer music production services inhouse and at partner studios. 

Mixing + Mastering

Of course, we know the crafts, too.
We offer Mixing + Mastering according to current standards, digital and analogue. Our customers are up-coming musicians and bands as well as international companies. Get in touch for a non-binding offer.

Remote Outboard Gear

In addition, we offer all producers remote access to highest-quality analogue equipment. So if a compressor is too expensive for you for a few thousand Euros, you can edit your track directly online and live with our sound engineer. The equipment comes from brands like SSL, Urei, Neve, Dangerous Music, Pultec, SPL, API, Avalon and more. 

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